magnificent Berber Azilal bedside rug in wool 75x155 cm

  • H155 x W75 x D2
  • wool/cotton
  • multicolour

4.69 ()

Materials: azilal rugs are usually woven from natural wool from local sheep. The wool is washed, carded and dyed with natural colors extracted from plants or other organic sources. Hand weaving: the berber women of azilal use manual looms to create these rugs. Each rug is hand-woven, meaning the process is time-consuming and demanding in terms of patience and skill. Creative patterns: the patterns of azilal rugs are generally abstract, geometric or expressive. Weavers draw on their creativity and cultural tradition to create unique designs. Vibrant colors: azilal rugs are distinguished by their bright and varied colors, which makes them very visually appealing. Natural dyes produce colors ranging from red, blue, yellow to green. History and meaning: azilal rug designs can have cultural or tribal significance, and they are sometimes used to tell stories. Each rug is a unique piece of art and carries a piece of berber history. Decorative versatility: azilal rugs are often used as centerpieces in interior design, adding a touch of authenticity and color to any space. Moroccan azilal rug berber azilal rugs vintage azilal rugs handmade azilal rugs azilal geometric patterns traditional azilal rugs azilal crafts ethnic azilal rugs bright azilal colors modern azilal rugs authentic azilal rugs quality azilal rugs wool rugs azilal bohemian azilal rug interior decoration with azilal rugs.


Dimensions :
H155 x W75 x D2
Color :
Material :
Style :
Stéphane B. Professional
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4.69 ()

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