Mid-century swedish oil painting

  • H50 x W34
  • paper
  • yellow
Saira K.
13 sales

By the piano. Size: 50 X 34.5 cm (including frame) Gouache on card. An emotive mid-century figurative composition, executed in gouache. The artwork’s focal point is a female figure dressed in a yellow dress, positioned on the left side of the painting. The choice of this striking yellow dress immediately captures the viewer’s attention, as it stands out prominently against the subdued and muted colour palette that dominates the composition. The artist has deliberately depicted the figure without any discernible facial features, encouraging viewers to focus on her form, her graceful posture, and the emotions conveyed through her body language. The figure is standing beside a piano with an open book, and a plant sitting on it. Rendered in darker muted shades of brown, green and black with the use of smooth brushstrokes, this adds to the overall sense of nostalgia and vintage charm of the painting. This gouache on card is housed in a complementary gilt and black frame. There are areas of craquelure present to the figure’s yellow dress, but the paint layer appears to be stable and is protected behind glass. The frame has losses and wear but this is in keeping with its vintage look.


Dimensions :
H50 x W34
Color :
Material :
Style :
Saira K.
13 sales
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