Desso round XXL rug, rya rug orange yellow space-age pop modernist mid-century vintage 1960/1970

  • H3 x W225 x D225
  • wool/cotton
  • orange
Josquin D.

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Large carpet / round teppich with long hair, from the famous Dutch brand Desso, from the 1960s - 1970s. In polyacrylic wool from the German Dralon manufactures, known for its resistance and quality. Weaving "high pile wool" of high quality, tufted by hand. XXL exceptional format. A rare period piece very well preserved, this modernist rug imposes as much by its size as by its style. Successions of 12 concentric circles of bright and warm seventies colors, red, orange, yellow, embedded in brown and ocher tones, the design of this rug period space age / pop-art detonates! Desso, faithful to its adventurous Dutch modernism, plays to reinvent by the form, the style of the repetition of the Danish Panton. Thumbing our noses at the angular rigidity of some of the brand's iconic carpets, we flee here the confinement of the frame, the rectangle, and its broken lines. The soft, circular, assumed form is repeated but refuses to be systematic. Each circle has its own space, random, liberated. The color is not to be outdone: nothing is agreed here. If the design hesitates for a time to venture a false monotony monochrome, the autumnal softness is quickly abandoned to give way to the fury of saturated 70's colors! It is a fire that roars, that blushes, in an incandescent psychedelic color chart. Black hole with irradiated iris, we stare at this hypnotic, ostentatious eye, which like a sun attracts us to it. This target invites, invites, points and designates the object that is placed in its center. Look! Look there! The scopic impulse is king here. This rare mid-century period rug worthy of the best Scandinavian rya will suit any vintage retro seventies, modern or contemporary interior. A thorough cleaning to perfect the brilliance of the colors will remain a plus, left to the free discretion of the buyer. Dimensions: ø225 cm.


Dimensions :
H3 x W225 x D225
Color :
Material :
Style :
Josquin D.
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