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    My name is Dario Raia and a craftsman. I was born in 1983, I deal with conservative restoration of wooden artefacts. I have a degree in Diagnostic and Restoration of works in wood, bachelor’s degree in Technology for the Conservation of HeritageDario Raia.

    I have a university education but I have worked at a laboratory since the age of nineteen years. Cooperating on the restoration of antique objects of the nineteenth and twentieth century furniture. Conjugate the experience gained from antiquarial works with university experience where I participated in several construction sites of restoration. I personally followed the restoration of a polychrome crucifix of 1610 from an important church in the city of Sorrento. Since 2009, I began to follow the activity that were entrusted to me but I continued to maintain contact with the antique shop where I trained.

    I work in the field of restoration of wooden artefacts and wooden support, mainly restoration of antique furniture. In the field of renovation of old windows and hard wood. With the experience in working with wood I work restyling of furniture and, more generally, carpentry.
    As mentioned over individual activity I attend some restoration workshops and collaborate with other professional figures supporting activity that I carry out.
    Working in Campania and Basilicata in the provinces of Salerno and is on site at the power that my lab in Sant’Arsenio. I also have a little more stock in my country not far from the laboratory.

    La boutique de

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