4 cups with under cups - Digoin porcelain unique model stamped

  • Batch of 4
  • H6 x W7
  • ceramics, porcelain and earthenware
  • white
🇫🇷 Emma B.
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Year: 1930 unique authentic model stamped. Material: digoin porcelain. Manufacturer: porcelaine de france digoin. The unique antique porcelain 4 cups and sub-cups set by france digoin, dating from the 1930s, is a delicate and elegant set. Digoin porcelain is a type of porcelain tableware produced by the manufacture de digoin, a french company founded in 1875 in digoin, burgundy. The digoin factory is renowned for its high-quality ceramic tableware, especially its porcelain. This set of 4 antique cups and sub-cups in france digoin porcelain from the 1930s is a precious treasure for lovers of antique porcelain. Each piece is unique, carrying the history and timeless elegance of the france of the early twentieth century. The cups are adorned with an exquisite floral pattern, hand painted with a soft and subtle color palette. The flowers, artistically represented, add a touch of vintage charm to these collector's items. The outline of each cup is beautifully enhanced with a delicate gold border, which adds a warm glow and luxurious feel to the whole. This finely executed detail testifies to the craftsmanship of the time and underlines the importance given to details in the manufacture of quality porcelain. A pattern of the digoin logo is precisely carved on the outer contour of the cups and sub-cups. This iconic logo is a symbol of the history and fame of the porcelain manufactory. It also represents the authenticity of the whole, testifying to its origin and provenance. Hand delivery in toulouse (31000).


Dimensions :
H6 x W7
Color :
Material :
ceramics, porcelain and earthenware
Style :
🇫🇷 Emma B.
New seller
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