Ming Yongxuan Style Blue and White Porcelain Children Play Figure Kwai Kou Bowl Classic Craft

  • H4 x W8 x D4
  • ceramics, porcelain and earthenware
  • white
Jeremy H.
1 sale

This ming yongxuan style blue and white porcelain bowl with children play figure is elegant in shape, beautiful and generous, with fine decoration and rich colors, and its themes and elements inherit the authentic traditional chinese cultural atmosphere. These make it have extremely high collection value from the perspective of art appreciation and cultural carrying. "kuikou" means imitation of the shape of sunflower, which is a classic traditional chinese special-shaped porcelain bowl design. This work uses the bottom of the bowl as the center of the flower. The entire bowl wall presents a design of closely arranged petals with obvious rib-like protrusions. Both the mouth and the bottom of the bowl present a clear wavy outline. The theme of the work, the picture of children playing, was originally a classic theme of traditional chinese figure paintings. It has become increasingly popular in the decoration of porcelain crafts since the ming dynasty. The main part of the bowl shows a group of children playing happily in the pavilion and grass, with the background decorated with distant mountains and auspicious clouds. The child's facial features are clear and the outline of the head is plump and round, reflecting the artist's superb skills. A circle around the base is decorated with classic fret patterns, adding a more classic temperament to the work. This work carries the best wishes in traditional chinese culture for future generations to healthily grow up and the family to develop and prosper, and will bring good luck to the collector's family.

Ref. : SWRSR63T

Dimensions :
H4 x W8 x D4
Color :
Material :
ceramics, porcelain and earthenware
Style :
Jeremy H.
1 sale
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