Hello Mr Perfect Sofa.

A glass slips from you grip and spills its contents all over your sofa. How do you react? 1). You wail and cry  "Why me, cruel world!" over and over as the liquid seeps into its fabric. 2). You think "No use crying over spilt milk (or wine)" as you calmly fetch the San Pellegrino® and sea salt to soak it up.

To those of you who replied #1 : Please reconsider and choose option #2  so that we can continue this article. To those of you who replied #2 : We know, you’re dying to buy a new sofa. What’s more, you’re ready to confront all sorts of cold, harsh realities. Such as: Sofas are EXPENSIVE. Especially when you’ve got good taste. Particularly if you’re pining for something leather. Most certainly if it’s designer. However, if you consider the sofa as THE KEY to your living room’s style, then how can you not be willing pay the price for the perfect pick? To help you make this rather important decision, we’ve put together a selection of our top 20 sofas in our 5 favourite colours of the moment. You’ll find them and their price tags below. Here’s hoping you find your perfect sofa among them.


The Togo and its leather friends

Khaki forever

Blue dreams

A divisive slice of orange

Perfectly purple

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